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Enjoy our gallery of signed, limited edition colored pencil lighthouse renderings by artist Lynn Newell, some one of a kind hand crafted items, gold plated lighthouse cut-out coin necklaces, and framed wall art.

Audio / Video

Enjoy a visit to one of many lighthouses via CD or VHS tape including the story behind lighthouse illumination. Get them before they're gone!


Many of the lighthouse books include references to East Brother Light Station in San Francisco Bay, California.

Some of the books were purchased for resale, others were collected for reference. Quantities are limited. Books will be shipped USPS Media Mail.

Most books are one-of-a-kind. In the event 2 or more people purchase the same item, it will be sold to the first buyer. Any additional paid orders for the same item will receive a FULL refund.

Coffee Mugs

East Brother Light Station finely detailed engraved clay mugs will warm the heart of any past patron or those yearning to stay at the inn.

Fresnel Lenses

The Fresnel Lens, pronounced ?fra-nel?, was first introduced by the French scientist Augustine Jean Fresnel. Augustine was born in 1788. His father was an architect so mathematics and a love for science were in his blood. In 1824, well into Fresnel?s career, he was employed by the Lighthouse Commission and as part of his effort he developed the use of compound lenses instead of mirrors for lighthouse visibility. The new Fresnel Lens was introduced shortly after development and is used still today in almost all lighthouses throughout the nation.

This Little Light of Mine Lighthouse Replicas

Known for detail and quality, This Little Light of Mine miniature replicas make a great gift for lighthouse lovers and collectors. features Pacific Coast light houses including Alcatraz and the lesser known East Brother Light Station of San Franciso Bay.

The history and lore of Alcatraz is extensive worldwide and is still an active aid to navigation for San Francisco Mariners.

East Brother Light Station is one of seven Victorian light houses built in 1873 by prefab-design with east coast white oak and materials shipped around Cape Horn. Three remain on the west coast and one on the Atlantic, but only East Brother serves as a world renowned dinner, bed and breakfast inn.

Saved from destruction and restored by the East Brother Light Foundation of Richmond, California (, it is privately leased and operated though serves as a U.S. Coast Guard Station.

The diaphone fog signal beoahwap reverberates across the Bay on special occasions though an electronic signal bleeps the official warning. A fourth order Fresnel lens is on display in the Walter Fanning fog signal building.

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